Slide HI! WE'RE


Slide A B O U T

Welcome to us!
I’m Marianna OLE, a Web Designer /
Developer / Co-Founder
Let me tell you our story...


Slide T S R Y

Slide When you earn your first
pocket money being a DJ,
you feel happy that you are able
to make people dance
even if they do not feel like it at first.
We went above and beyond.
We met each other.
My Partner Dmytro used to be that DJ!
We felt that our energy and joy
like beams of light are beyond our deeds.
Just then, our lights had become powerful.
We went online.
It was a long time ago.
We were students and wanted to be
independent and self-sufficient...
At that moment, we wanted to be as DJs
as long as we could, to make
our audience dance because of its results
and achievements.
You know, our life is our choice.
We can allow ourselves to be whoever we want...
And we chose to be our own Destiny Jockeys.


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