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October 15, 2019
October 15, 2019 Marianna OLE

All our clients want to know what a website maintenance scope of work is.

First of all, it is regularly checking your website for issues and mistakes. If you wish to keep your website healthy, this should be done consistently. 

The second step is encouraging continued traffic growth and strengthen your Google ranking.  

Often website maintenance is not always an urgent issue. However, if you go too long without a regular check-up, your site gets many problems, and then it would be difficult to resolve without imposing investments.

For your smooth-running business, it is good to have the regular monitoring of your website.  

Let me share some steps to be done.

Please keep in mind that these website maintenance tasks should be planned and implemented regularly.

Do weekly:

  • Errorless page loading 
  • Keep your backups
  • Update software and plugins
  • All forms are running well
  • Protect your page from spam
  •  Broken links checking
  •  404 errors solution
  • Update your content

Do monthly:

  • Performance of the load speed of your website 
  • Security scans 
  • Analyze website statistics 
  • Keywords updates
  • Test your site responsiveness


  • Check graphics and images
  • Review SEO and meta titles
  • Review advertising and marketing campaigns if any


  • Update any reference to the current year
  • Content revue: accuracy, grammar, typos, and relevancy
  • Be sure that website domain name is renewed
  • Consider if any website design updates should be implemented

It is effortless to add a new page to most websites, but to keep all of your pages in a good state is one of the challenges.

Keep your website in a good state, and you will get a satisfiable harvest.

There are several reasons for website maintenance.


How to drive traffic to your website it is a separate exciting topic, but what role website maintenance plays in this case.

It is not a secret that Google ranks better websites that have the most relevant and up-to-date information. 

To achieve better ranking, you must keep your website regularly updated with current content, news, keywords, and articles.

A proper SEO strategy includes regular website maintenance. 


Security is the most critical reason for your website maintenance.

If your website is on WordPress or Wix platforms, you must ensure that you are installing regular software updates and security patches. 

Have you ever been hacked? It is not pleasant.

Your site is your image

Today it is not difficult to hire someone to create a well-designed and professional website. But here there is a trick. If your site performs not at a professional level, your customers will go somewhere else.

Your Sanity

Your website can be a valuable support and asset. 

Keep it in a good state, and you will get a satisfiable harvest.

Sometimes it is not easy to bring the website back up to speed after a long period of unattended drifting, and the only solution would be to scrap everything and rebuild it from scratch.

Design and Technology updates

If you do website maintenance, you have an opportunity to provide new website technologies in time, and it will help your site back-end operate smoothly. 

Do you agree that usually, ladies are more attractive with makeup? 

If you agree, you can believe that it is good to have refreshing makeup on your site to stay in line with the latest website design looks. 

Why with us?

We do SEO, security, updates, hosting, backups, and keep your mind in peace.

You can ask any questions regarding your site health and performance.
In case if we did not build your site for you, we will start our collaboration with a detailed website audit. We would not sell any services to you; we will show you what you have and what you could have with your asset.

We would be pleased to support with any issues.

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Marianna OLE

Marianna OLE

Hi, guys! I published my first article online in 2010, being really far from Singapore. During all these years, I've traveled a lot, designed a lot, and met tons of amazing people. And I have stories and moments to share. Did I improve my writing skills from 2010? Probably 😊 But only you, my readers, can tell me about it. You ask me many questions about website design, WordPress development, photography, and my personal interests. So, here you can find answers to your questions because I'd like others to benefit from your curiosity 😁 . I am grateful for your questions and lessons, and I am ready to move on!

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    Rajesh Sawant

    Nice!! This post is very informative and gives an idea about what website maintenance is and steps involved in maintaining a website. Of course, in website maintenance, if you wish to have a good website, then it is essential to keep a security check and keep updating your site for better performance. A well-maintained website also helps increase your website ranking, and hence you gain a lot more traffic to your site. It is amazing to read this article. Thank you for this article!

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