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October 14, 2019
October 14, 2019 Marianna OLE

What is unique when we are talking about Social Media Marketing in Singapore?

Singaporeans have high-quality online connections from everywhere. The 4G Intern covers the whole country. 

With a population of 5.83 million people and 4.92 million internet users, Singapore has the highest rate across the world of internet penetration, according to the Digital in 2019 Singapore report provided by Hootsuite. 

Moreover, there are 4.6 million active social media users with purchasing habits and decisions.

I want to share a few unique features of the social media habits in Singapore that would be useful to know and use in your SMM strategy.

Please have a look at these interesting five stats.

1. The amount of time spent on social media

The fact is that individuals of the ages 23-38 is the majority of SMM active users. 2.18 hours everyday Singaporeans browse through the different Social Media Platforms.

What does it mean for SMM managers?

Taking into account the figures stated above, marketers of the Asia-Pacific workforce need to adapt their social media marketing activities to the mentioned consumer group.

Millennials make customer reviews and user-generated content (UGC) visible on your social media pages. They tag themselves with the brand hashtagging on their feed.

It is good to take into account Generation Z, the cohort born after millennials. We need to recognize that Gen Z consumers participation in social media is snowballing. And they require a mobile-first marketing approach, as this generation grew up accessing the internet through smartphones and tablets from their infant period.

2. The most popular social media networks in Singapore. 

According to Google, 82 percent of all internet users access YouTube monthly in Singapore. 

YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are the most popular platforms with a high level of engagement. 

App Annie says that Instagram was the only social media app other than Facebook with the most number of monthly active users in Singapore.

However, Snapchat loses its position. It happened when Instagram rolled out the same features (i.e., stories) that once made Snapchat unique.

3. There are 4.3 million Facebook users in Singapore

Hootsuite and We Are Social identified the number of Facebook users in 2019. In Singapore, that is around 4.3 million people.

How marketers think about social media:

Stories on Facebook and Instagram are a great boom. There is no secret that there will be even more opportunities for businesses to generate value from this trending activity in this year.

Options such as sponsored ads also shorten the buyer’s journey, retargeting ads to users, making them more likely to make a purchase decision.

A few unique features of the Social Media habits in Singapore

4. Singaporean business owners get the highest engagement on Facebook posting with photos and videos. 

Users of the APAC area are hungry for hyper-local, market-specific features so that developers have an opportunity to be more engaging, offering the most popular features to capture users’ loyalty.

Marketers should learn a lot about how users perceive beauty in this country, analyzing the types of photos taken by users and how they edit them. 

This year, video content overtook the engagement rate of photo posts on Facebook, generating an average engagement rate of 7.15 percent. 

What does it mean for marketers: Rising video engagement rates are another sign of the medium’s growing importance for Facebook. And it intends to give video play a more visible role, whether content is coming through live streaming or Messenger Stories.

5. WhatsApp and Messenger are giants

WhatsApp takes the lion’s share (87 percent) of Singapore’s social messaging market, followed by Facebook Messenger at 52 percent. WeChat’s user base grew by 9 percent from the previous year, while both Skype and LINE’s respective market share remains unchanged.

What does it mean for marketers: 

WhatsApp holds tremendous potential as a customer engagement and retention tool, especially for eCommerce companies. According to insights from Facebook, 53 percent of consumers are more likely to shop with a business they can reach through chat.

The fastest way to leverage WhatsApp is to sign up for WhatsApp Business, which automatically gives you a profile, ability to make quickly respond to inquiries, and get message insights.

Social media trends to watch out for

As we expected this year, the direction of forcing businesses to pay for post visibility (i.e., boosting) will continue.

Local marketers and business owners have to come up with more meaningful social media content and promote their ideas wisely. 

As I mentioned above, marketers can expect video to continue to play a vital role in social media. Buffer’s State of Social 2019 report already shows that roughly 37 percent of businesses publish video content monthly.

With Instagram TV (IGTV) and Facebook Watch, we can expect more brands to take advantage of these personalized video-on-demand channels this and the following year. 

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Marianna OLE

Marianna OLE

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